Snowmobile tour with guide!

When planning a guided snowmobile tour, it is always necessary to have a Plan A and several back-ups. All our trips make for the Vindelfjällens Nature Reserve. If the weather is not so kind, we motor to the lower hills of Jofjället, just south of Hemavan. Helmets, overalls, boots, gloves and goggles are all included.

Whole-day tour including lunch – ask for quote
Half-day tour including refreshments – ask for quote
Evening trip – ask for quote

Wednesdays only. Family trip. 13.30-16.00, during Feb 10 – April 13, 1,305 kr/pers when seating two adults (child in sled 150 kr). If you want to join us before or after these dates, please call us.

Additional extras include team challenge, rubber dinghy on the mountain or ice fishing.

Half-day tour

We start from Hemavan and aim for Viterskalet. First we follow the Umeälven river upstream to the Rönäs road and then the main E12 highway. From there the trail climbs the steep hill, veering left along a slope above the tree-line, which can be tricky if there is a lot of snow, before joining the Kungsleden Trail as the impressive Viterskalet pass opens up ahead. The trail is also used by skiers, so we must be careful, keep our distance and drive slowly when coming in contact with them.

After a short distance we reach the bridge used by trekkers going to and from Klippen. Straight ahead is the summit of Måskoetjåhke, which we call Lilla Norran (Little Norra) because it rises next to Norra Sytertoppen, Southern Lappland’s highest peak at 1,768 m above sea level.

Lilla Norran is also one of the best summits for Heliski, where skiers are taken to the top by helicopter so they can ski down pristine, undisturbed slopes. The snowmobile tour passes the bridge and to the right are steep slopes – perfect for our rubber dinghies.

Soon we arrive at the Viterskalsstugan cabin and enter the magnificent Syterskalet pass. Coming out the other side, we turn towards Hemavan after the Syterstugan cabin and head towards Laisan lake before following the Umeälven back to Trolltunet.

This is just one of the tours we have on offer. Contact us if you need a guided snowmobile tour for your company, group or solo trip.

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