We can provide some interesting lectures for you to include with conferences.


Wilderness-Bobbo’s Adventure

Bobbo has presented several series of a popular Swedish TV show about the wilderness featuring simple outdoor adventures in Sweden and extreme discovery tours around the world.

Drawing on his experience of making more than 40 programmes, his talk covers how episodes are planned and filmed. He tells about not only what the viewer sees, but what happens behind the camera, bringing with him some of the souvenirs he has collected from his travels. Combining humour with gravity, he provides a fascinating insight to both TV production and wilderness regions around the world. He also supplies a few handy tips and shows clips from some of the episodes, along with unseen footage and funny outtakes.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Anaktuvuk, the world’s only inland eskimos – Alaska.
  • Packed reindeer train to Röros winter market
  • The known and the unknown Inka Trail in Peru – on horseback and on foot
  • Spitsbergen – the most northerly settlement in the world
  • Behind the camera – unseen footage


Mental strength and focus – how to succeed with the impossible

An inspiring, fun and interesting talk by adventurer, Ola Skinnarmo, the first Swede to ski to both the North and South Poles.

“On the April 14, 2000, I managed to reach the North Pole after 48 gruelling days. Only then could I reflect on the toughest challenge I had ever faced in my life. Attacks from polar bears, thin ice, temperatures below -50; these were just some of the problems I, and my colleague, Göran Kropp, experienced. Halfway through, Göran had quit the attempt because his thumb had frozen. I decided to continue on my own.

“I hope that my talk will inspire other individuals and groups, getting them to see that barriers are usually no more than illusions and that, in reality, you can go a lot further. By daring to go beyond your comfort zone, your senses open up and your own personal catalogue of references expand beyond measure. This strengthens you when embarking on your next challenge.

“The parallels between my project and the daily challenges and problems you meet are many. Hopefully my talk will highlight how to solve the impossible, sharing how I managed to break through that invisible barrier.

I discuss the following:

  • Combing different wills to reach a common goal
  • The importance of setting up a series of smaller objectives in order to reach main goal
  • Live in the present in order to meet the future
  • Being alone is strong, but being together is to be invincible

Living in harmony with yourself and your surroundings despite tough circumstances.

“I use a combination of video and pictures in a multimedia production and can tailor the talk to meet individual customer requirements. I want my talks to act as a ‘vitamin’ injection, a boost to widening my listeners’ horizons.



The route to your objective

Stig talks about his career in the worlds of skiing and business.

He explains how sport has helped him cope with the everyday challenges of the entrepreneur and how the discipline of competition contributes to retaining and improving business results. Stig also focusses on the challenges he has faced and dealing with them.

A participant’s feedback:
“It feels as though we have met a guru from the mountains who has provided answers to some of life’s great questions.”